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Our Products

We provide interim cash to cover you for a set time period. This could be as short as a couple of days or over a couple of months depending on your preference and what you'd qualify for.

We understand the desperation of knowing your salary is coming soon, but you have something to pay right now. We have the Power to help you. Apply now and get Financial relief!

Applying for short term credit with Power Financial Services is not only simple, but can be done at branch level or online in conjunction with our call centre. Once you've followed the easy steps and specified your desired loan structure we can determine what sort of loan you would be able to qualify for. It may be a specific amount you've requested or a maximum affordable loan.

How much can I borrow?

Maximum Affordable Loan

This is when you can apply for the largest amount possible, of up to R5000*, relative to your salary.

Specific Affordable Loan

This is when you can apply for a specific amount that you need, up to R5000*. 

*If you call us or visit us in-store, we may be able to help you with larger loans.

When do I need to pay it back?

Payday Loan or 30 Day Loan

With a Payday Cash Loan or 30 Day Loan you secure your cash loan against your next salary. This can be up to a maximum of 45 days.

With our fast, simple and secure application process, getting a quick online payday cash loan couldn't be any easier!

Up to 6 Months to pay

You can apply for up to 6 months to repay your cash loan, but this cannot be applied for online, so please call us or visit a store. Plus, with this option, you can apply for larger amounts up to R8000.

Power Cash Card

If you apply at one of our stores and your cash loan is approved, we save the money on your own Power Cash Card which is protected by your personal pin. This works like a bank card and is safe, secure and convenient. You can make money withdrawals at any ATM or debit purchases with your Power Cash Card.

Non-payment issues

If terms are not met, additional charges will be added. Thus if we do not receive payment from you as agreed, or if you request us to prolong the date of collection (in other words change the duration of the cash loan) or if there are insufficient funds in your account on the agreed date of collection, you will incur default charges for costs incurred and the additional daily fees and interest. If final attempts have been made and we are unable to collect, you will incur additional charges towards the cost of a failed collection attempt.

At this point your account will be handled by our internal collections team. Our primary goal is to obtain a mutually beneficial agreement to settle the cash loan. Before plainly running continuous attempts at getting the money and in the process running up charges, we prefer to come to an arrangement to settle the cash loan. Normal fees will however continue to accrue on your account in line with the original scale for up to a maximum of 60 days, failing a new mutually agreed arrangement.

If all attempts at making an arrangement or recouping the owing amounts fail, your account will be handed over to external collectors. This will lead to a default payment profile on credit bureau agencies that will affect your credit rating. Legal action may also be instituted and that may lead to a court judgment to recoup the money owed. This judgment may also be loaded on your credit profile with credit bureau agencies. As a responsible lender we advise that it is important that you consider your ability to meet the requirements of the agreement

Our Power Cash Card

With the Power Cash Card nothing is more simple.


  • Your money and your Power Cash Card
    is protected by your personal pin.
  • No other lender can debit your card.


  • Use your Power Cash Card to do money withdrawals at any ATM.
  • Use your Power Cash Card for any debit purchases.
  • Draw only the money that you need.

Peace of Mind

  • When you leave our branch, you leave with your money already saved on your Power Cash Card.